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The Declaration of Maris
2016 / Maris ( sand, acrylic paint, zinc plate) / 1100×1140(mm)
The Declaration of Maris

World Peace from Art
We wish blind people and children at schools for the blind in the world would enjoy Maris paintings together with sighted people. We want them to have an experience to see paintings, a major form of art.
How wonderful it would be if blind people and children at schools for the blind can see paintings with their fingers as children of hearing-impaired listen to music through their bone conduction!
Although there are things that can not be easily done, we will retain kindness by making impossible possible and communicating through art. That will surely bring peace to the world. 

Projects of Maris

Maris aims to create an ideal society through art, which idea is influenced by Joseph Beuys (1921 - 1989) ※1.
※ 1 A German artist, a sculptor, a pedagogue of art, and a social activist.

Projects of Maris 1 

We wish to provide an experience of seeing paintings for people of visually-impaired in the world. A painting technique of Maris ※2 can make it possible.
※ 2 The Maris World Standard Table is universal like staff in music.

Projects of Maris 2

We plan to circulate Maris paintings among schools for the blind in the world.

Projects of Maris 3 

Starting from advanced countries, we hope to introduce Maris to an elementary school art textbook and curriculum, and by doing so, we hope to foster understanding of diverse society at childhood.

Projects of Maris 4 

We aim to create a work place for any type of physically impaired people by building a painting material factories of Maris in countries where Maris is introduced to an elementary school curriculum.

Projects of Maris 5 

At least one in each country, we plan to build a lighthouse for people of visually-impaired. That is, we build a home for the blind aged ※3, targeted for people over 45 years old (accepting a married couple one of which is blind). With it, we hope to protect a human rights of blind people to spend a fruitful life by removing anxiety and reducing cost of aging.

※ 3 There is such a home in each prefecture in Japan that is produced by Akio Honma, the chairman of the National Committee of Welfare for the Blind in Japan.
A society where blind people can spend a life without any worry will be a society that is kind to any type of physically impaired people.

As we get kinder to each other even a little by little, a war will end, and a sky, a mountain and an ocean will recover its true power. The nature and the humanbeings will surely regain its true magnificence.


May 7 , 2015 Artist
Liku M. Takahashi

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