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The Cosmos with Nine Dragons
2010  / Maris ( sand, acrylic paint) / 138.4×130.5(cm)

棋譜監修:有村比呂司(財団法人 日本棋院 棋士)

アドバイザー:成島奈津子 ( 囲碁インストラクター)


Go is described as the art of a board.

Liku M. Takahashi appreciated the ear-reddening move from the game of Honinbo Shusaku

and Inoue Inseki and for the first time ever painted it.

Kuzuryu ( 九頭龍nine-headed dragon) is a dragon king and a deity that appears in folklore

and legends of various parts of Asia. (From Wikipedia)

A comment from Masaki Takemiya

First of all, I was overwhelmed with its massive existence. I believe artworks must touch our

souls at first glance. The same thing can be said for the world of Go. Although the ability to

“read ahead” is often emphasized in Go, we rely on our intuition first and then start to read

and analyze the movements.

That is, sensibility is essential in Go as well. I think the amazing cosmos is captured in this

artwork. I mean, the idea of transforming the Go movements by Shusaku (Hon-inbo) through

nine dragons strikes me as brilliant. It has a magnificent scale and mysterious beauty. I am

thrilled to imagine that artworks like this will become a bridge between Go and people who

are not yet familiar with the world and will bring them much closer than before.

This probably is the first attempt ever in the long history of Go to introduce the world of Go

through artworks. It is definitely a wonderful project.

Masaki Takemiya (Go player, 9 dan, The Nihon Ki-in)

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