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​Mint (country road series)
2009  / Maris ( sand, acrylic paint) / M30×2 60×180(cm)

It is the image that wind which blows through the trees 

at the Central Park in New York City in early summer.


While working on this piece, 

I lined up this Mint series in front of the window to see the vision of the works when it is completed. 

At that moment, I felt that a scent of mint floated into the room as wind blew. 

This series is significant since it was a prompt for me to come up with Sunae.

Country road series 

The acrylic works of mint and cherry blossom that were exhibited with

"After Welcome Rain"at the New York exhibition in July 2009.

Since NYC is an origin of the worldwide recession,this work is meant to carry a message;

"a yell for people who have come from their homelands and families to make their lives in this big city." Right after my return,I converted these works into Sunae,

and it was the moment when Sunae came to the world for the first time.

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