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After Welcome Rain
2009  / Maris ( sand, acrylic paint) / M30×2 60×180(cm)

©Liku M. Takahashi

2009  / Maris ( sand, acrylic paint, zinc plate) / M30×2 60×180(cm)

The twittering of some birds, tell the squall has just finished.

Green trees and the leaves and flowers refresh themselves with pride,

and become shining and bright by the drops of water from the welcome rain.


February 9th in 2009 "After Welcome Rain, Rainbow Flowers No.1, Sunae 60x180cm M30x2" was denoted to Japan Braille Library.


Rainbow series

July of 2009, Liku M Takahashi painted the original pieces(acrylic). 

One of them was shown at her own exhibition in New York.

And in September the paintings were changed into Sunae format. 

She is going to donate works to major Braille libraries in the world.

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